Top reasons to visit Galveston

Pristine beaches, restaurants serving lip-smacking cuisines, a plethora of shopping options, a paradise for Victorian architecture lovers, rich cultural history – if this sounds to be your dream vacation destination then book your stay in the Galveston apartments on this Gulf beach town located in close proximity to Houston. One of the top tourist destinations in Texas, Galveston offers innumerable…

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What are the Top Attractions to visit in Galveston?

Galveston Texas holds a distinct charm for visitors from across the US. The long miles of golden beaches and Victorian architecture make it a popular tourist destination. It also has some of the best educational institutions like UTMB Galveston, Texas A&M Galveston, and Galveston College. It is no surprise to see students of these comprehensive universities look for affordable Galveston…

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Are you looking for houses

Galveston Student Housing

At The Oceanfront Apartments, we focus on providing the best student accommodation in Galveston Texas. We intend to bring a whole new level of service to the student accommodation sector. We are upfront, proactive, and prompt to serve students like you. If you are looking for Galveston Apartments that provide off campus student housing while enjoying the views of Galveston…

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Things to Look for While Choosing Apartments in Galveston Tx

People are usually intimidated at the prospect of apartment hunting. For people who want to live in Galveston, the apartment hunting, renting, and moving process can be nerve-wracking and scary. It will comfort you to know that, according to the US Census Bureau, 77% of the people in the US prefer to live in apartments, which is generally more cost-efficient,…

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Leasing Home

Reasons to Go for Apartments by The Beach

Many people corroborate the fact the oceanfront living is the epitome of luxury living. The fresh, crisp air welcoming them every morning, the tranquil ocean beckoning their loved ones for a relaxed stroll on the beach, the frolicking of the crowd that produces an emotion of joy in the heart – the reasons are many to stay at beachfront Galveston…

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