Furnished Apartments In Galveston Island, TX – Now Made Affordable!

Galveston Island is known as the playground of the south. It’s the most popular and well-known coastal destination within the country. People from all around the world pay a visit to this beautiful island city. Apart from being a tourist destination, Galveston is home to many residents and has beautiful sea-facing homes. You will find a variety of homes on Galveston Island, which you can rent pretty easily. Take a look!

Homes in Galveston Island

You will come across numerous homes right from big Victorian-style homes to modern condos and apartment homes. You will also find newly-constructed homes and student housing located near the beach. The best thing about these homes is that the interiors are vast, airy, and carry a combination of traditional and contemporary design. On the other hand, fully furnished apartments in Galveston are also available, where the rent is much lower than in other cities.

The majority of the individuals, especially people with children, look for rent near Seawall Blvd. It’s because it will provide them with a beautiful view of the sandy beach and the Gulf of Mexico. These apartment homes have 2 to 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms. The homes have 9ft to 10ft high ceilings and have wide and oversized windows.

These furnished apartment homes have many features and amenities in store. Some of the things you will get are high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen, and granite countertops. You will also get ceiling fans, a heating and cooling system, a movie theatre, private balconies, and an outdoor grilling station.

Galveston Island: Famous hangout spots

Even though you will have a wonderful experience living in Galveston, but there are many things you can do there as well. There is a list of hangout spots and attractions, which this island city has in store. Check below!

 Things to do and see:Although Galveston has many places, you can explore, but the Bryan Museum is a must-visit. The museum houses around 70,000 artifacts, such as the cattle horn powder flask of Stephen F. Austin, which tells Texas’s past. Suppose you want to know more about Texas’s bygone days, tour around the 1892 Bishop’s Palace. It’s a Victorian-style building that has experienced plenty of storms in the past. Don’t forget to visit Seawolf Park. It was an immigration entry site before. It’s located on Pelican Island, and now it’s a well-known fishing spot.

  • Places to drink and eat:If you are craving some mac and cheese or crawfish and jalapeno, you must head down to Gypsy Joynt. It’s a family-operated restaurant that relocated from Berkshire a few years back. To try some fresh seafood from the seawall, check out Benno’s on the beach. The place serves their signature dish, crab Alfredo, which is a must-try. You can also indulge yourself in gumbo from BLVD Seafood and try the breakfast bar from Patty Cakes.
  • Places to shop: When it comes to shopping, Galveston has many high-end stores. You will find the most stylish and unique accessories and clothing. But if you want something different from that, you need to check out the Nautical Antiques & Tropical Décor. The shop has some of the best seaworthy salvage that you can take it home or gift it your family and friends. If you want something from the decoration side, the Luna Home & Gifts have many things available, such as photo frames, driftwood tables, and many other things.

Ending Note

Galveston has always been one of the top destinations within the country. It has many unique places to explore and provides world-class and luxurious apartment homes for rent. You can move into one of the best apartments and get to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable living experience.

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