Be Mesmerized by The Beautiful Sea Facing Student Apartments in Galveston Island

These days, the demand for on-campus student housing has made accommodation expensive. Many students cannot afford to stay on-campus as they are already paying too much for tuition. For such reasons, many of the students opt for homestay programs to save money. But here in Galveston, things are different. Students are not required to stay with a host family or within on-campus student housings when there are so many student apartments available.

Things to know about the student apartments

Galveston Island has some of the best student apartments available. You will not just find the top-notch 3-to-4-bedroom apartments but also come across beach houses, family-style homes, and even luxurious penthouses. You will come across the student apartments for rent in Galveston, TXthat are completely furnished. This means you find furniture, a bed, and plenty of other things already available within the apartment.

You don’t have to spend extra money buying stuff when you will only temporarily live there. The best thing about these student apartments is they are located near the Texas Gulf Coast. You will not just get the chance to enjoy the view also enjoy the cool ocean breeze during the hot summers.

For making your stay more fun and exciting, the student apartments offer a tennis court, billiards room, and a game room. Apart from that, you relax in the private swimming pools as well.

The education system in Galveston

The Galvestonians take their education pretty seriously. They make sure that students, both national and international, receive a high-quality education from all the reputed schools and colleges the island city has in store. The island city has three main high education facilities, such as Galveston College (GC), Texas A&M University in Galveston (TAMUG), and University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

On the other hand, the Galveston Independence School District takes full advantage of all the higher educational institutions available within the island city. Galveston has elementary to private schools available for all the interested students or candidates. Each of these schools has a unique way to provide education to its students. Doing so will enable each of them to do well in their tests and examinations.

Popular neighbourhoods around Galveston Island

Despite its outstanding student apartments and high-quality education, this island city is packed with many other things. These neighborhoods are:

San Jacinto: San Jacinto is located in the southern part of Broadway. It has the most extended Gulf frontage within the island city, including the Beach Center Tourist Hub.
Downtown: Downtown is the heart and soul of Galveston. Its because the area houses some of the best attractions, including the legendary Strand National Historic District. You will encounter a wide range of music scenes and arts. Apart from that, the district also has over 95 galleries, shops, and restaurants.
East End: The East End stands out as the most exclusive neighborhood of Galveston Island. You will find much notable building, which includes the Joseph Robertson House and Jacob Sonnentheil House.

Ways you can get around Galveston Island.

If you want to travel around the entire island city with your family and friends, there are many ways you can do that. Look below!

  • Buses: Galveston Island is well-known for its trolleybuses. It was severe damaged due to the Hurricane, for which the city decided to shut down in 2008 permanently. But in 2017, the trolleybuses were back in business, and travelling in it will take you to all the city’s key areas.
  • Car: Driving in Galveston will enable you to explore the city. You can drive past the beautiful Seawall Blvd and enjoy the beautifully bright and crystal-like ocean. You will find many car-rental companies where you can rent a car for the day.


When you have decided to study in Galveston and look for an affordable place to stay, go for the student apartments. They have beautiful interiors and relaxing interiors that will make your stay an excellent one. They are also pretty affordable, and you can opt for the ones that are going well with your budget.

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