What Makes The Student Housing In Galveston Island Better Than The Rest?

Galveston Island has always been the top vacation spot for individuals across the globe. The beautiful coastal city delivers a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Mexico and is packed with historical places. The island city also provides some of the best student housing options, which will deliver a peaceful and high-class living experience.

Students, both domestic and international, will have no issues when moving in, and the rent is also pretty reasonable. The Galveston housing option comes in both furnished and non-furnished options. This makes it easier for the students to opt for the one according to their budget and needs.

Galveston Student Houston: How good is it?

The off-campus student housing in Galveston comes with various amenities and features. You will get around 2 to 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms if you wish to share the housing with other students. Otherwise, you can go for the 1-bedroom and bathroom option, where you can live on your own. The apartments will deliver a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico, and you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze during the hot summers.

When compared with the residence halls of Texas A&M University, they are a lot spacious and have high ceilings. You can move in with your pet, and it’s something you cannot do when you opt for on-campus housing, and you can also live and do all your activities. Taking up the off-campus student housing option will provide you with hardwood plank floors, extra storage space, a BBQ grilling station under the pergola, granite countertops.

You will also get a full-size tennis court, free garage parking, a pet park, and a 24-hours fitness center. It’s guaranteed that you will have a wonderful experience if you opt for the off-campus housing options.

Things to see and do around Galveston Island

Galveston has many beautiful and popular places where you can check out with friends or family members. There are some places in the city that has to carry Victorian-style buildings and structures. Apart from the Pleasure Pier and the moody gardens, the island city has many places where you can shop, eat and conduct various activities. Here are some of the best places which you can visit during your stay in Galveston.

  1. Texas Cowgirl: If you love the wild west and looking for some clothing and accessories of that era, you will find them at Texas Cowgirl. You will not just find apparel, but the store has many home decoration products and items, which you must check out. You will also come across western-style wallets, purses, and various other products.
  2. The Spot: The Spot is one the best restaurants in Galveston. It serves American-style cuisine along with seafood and burgers. It’s a beachfront entertaining and dining destination, which is located on Seawall Blvd. Once you try out their signature burgers, you will forget about McDonald’s and Five Guys. They serve some of the best quality and freshest seafood dishes, which are blended with unique spices.
  3. Katie’s Seafood House: Katie’s Seafood House is ideal for all seafood lovers. The restaurant has been in the business for many years, and customers have only good things to say about this place. The seafood comes right off their boats and to your plates. They serve lunch and dinner, and each of them has different menus. You will also get the chance to try out their cocktails, and don’t forget to try their signature dishes. To satisfy each of their customers, Katie’s also provides the Kid’s menu and happy hour options.


When you are visiting Galveston to complete your higher education, you can check our off-campus housings. These housings will provide you a comfortable living experience and come with all those amenities you will not get in the on-campus student housing. It’s guaranteed that the housing will be up to your liking, and you can rent them at a reasonable price.

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