Choose The 2 Bedroom Apartments in Galveston Island, TX

Galveston is currently one of the leading and charming beach towns in the country. Apart from that, it’s also known as the hottest holiday destination in the world. The island city has so many exciting things in-store, including beautiful beach-facing apartment homes. Its first-rate eateries, fascinating historic architecture, sandy shores, and sparkling Blue Ocean makes the island city different than the rest of the places across Texas. Also, it’s the only city within the state that is located near the ocean. You will find many unique bedroom apartments in Galveston and are available for both rent and sale.

What To Expect From The Homes In Galveston Island?

The majority of the homes in this beautiful island city are located near the ocean. It gives people direct access to the beach and various other places. The 2 bedroom apartments in Galveston can be rented for vacation purposes or in the home of student housing. Otherwise, couples, singles, and even working professionals can also rent them. Galveston also provides 3-to-4 bedrooms apartments for rent, where a big family can live comfortably. The rent in Galveston, TX, is pretty affordable, and people can move in immediately after paying the rent.

Each of the apartment homes in Galveston has spacious interiors. Some of them carry a modern-style design, and others carry a mix of vintage and contemporary interiors. They also drop lights situated at the living room and kitchen area along with energy-saving appliances. The kitchen has everything right, from granite countertops to a dishwasher. The main carries a modern security system along with maple flooring. There is also a swimming pool, a patio, balconies, and billiards room.

Things to do In Galveston 

The island city of Galveston has so many historical and unique places where you visit. These places attract plenty of visitors across the United States and also the world. Here are some of the most popular and well-known places, which must visit in this island city.

  1. Seawolf Park:Seawolf Park is a perfect place to spend quality time with your family. It’s located on Pelican Island, which use to be an immigration site in the past. It offers famous fishing piers, playgrounds, and picnic sites. It also has some unique attractions, such as the WW2 Submarine known as the USS Cavalla, and houses the USS Stewart, one out of the only three destroyer escorts across the globe.
  2. The Moody Mansion Museum:Back in the 1800s, Galveston used to be the home to many wealthy families. Even though many of the grandeurs were ruined due to the Hurricane in the 1990s, some of the houses, such as the Moody Mansion, was restored. The mansion belonged to the powerful Moody family, who helmed an enormous cotton empire. It’s a 28,000 square foot building with 20 rooms and numerous other things.
  3. Sapori: Sapori is a popular and well-known vegetarian-friendly restaurant located on Steward Rd. It serves authentic Southern Italian cuisine, which is made from the finest quality ingredients. The restaurant also has gluten-free options and serves food items, such as Braciole, Lasagna, Pizzaiolo, Cannoli, and fresh salads. If you are ever visiting the island city, make sure to visit Sapori to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal.
  4. La Kings Confectionary:If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to drop by at La King Confectionary and try out their fresh saltwater taffy. All their sweet delights are entirely hand-crafted, and you will also get the chance to have a taste of their homemade ice cream. La King Confectionery uses the “old school” candy-making practices acquired by Jimmy King back in 1927. The practice was brought to The Strand by his son Jack King in 1976. 


Galveston Island is a popular place across the globe. The Oceanfront Apartments, will provide you some of the best apartment homes, which you can either rent or buy it. Individuals will enjoy living on this island city because of its relaxing and peaceful vibe.

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